Super Jumbo Fully Amortized or Interest Only

A Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan is a loan amount > $625,500 and typically goes up to $10,000,000. A standard Jumbo loan is between $424,000 and $625,500 (as of 2017) and we provide both types of loans. These type of loans facilitate the high-end purchase of expensive homes, vacation homes, investment property and upscale luxury homes. They are quite attractive for primary occupants or investors who want to leverage their assets.

If you are considering a Super Jumbo Mortgage, then let one of our licensed mortgage professionals help walk you step by step through the loan process. High end financing requires years of experience which is crucial to finding the best mortgage options to suit your needs.

• Owner Occupied 1-2 Units: 90% Loan to Value to 1.5 Million – Purchase or Rate/Term 75% Loan to Value to 5.0 Million – Purchase or Rate/Term

• Non Owner Occupied, 3-4 Units, and Second Home loans to 3 Million.

• No Maximum Number of Financed Properties
We do not have a restriction on the maximum number of financed properties a borrower can own.

•Cash Out – Owner Occupied, Non Owner Occupied, and 2nd homes. Call for amounts and Loan to Values.

•Business Entity Loans – Borrower can take title in a business entity. Loans to: LLC’s, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts

•Cross Collateralization – Use borrowers multiple properties to leverage the loan amount.

•Fast Underwriting & Closing! Currently 2-3 Days in Underwriting!

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Purchase special Super Jumbo Rates

• 7/1 Arm 30 Year Amortization 3.125% APR 3.155% Up to $5000,000
• 10/1 Arm 30 Year Amortization 3.5% APR 3.612% Up to $5000,000
• 7/1 Arm I.O. 30 Year Amortization 3.375 APR 3.433% Up to $500,0000
• 30 Year Fixed 4.0% APR 4.166 up to $500,0000