Foreign National Program

FLF Corporation introduces the Foreign National Program loan solution for borrowers who visit the United States frequently but do not have a U.S. citizenship. We expand your borrowing purchasing options, including up to $2M in funding.

Foreign National Program

Two Options

Option 1 – Full Documentation
– FICO not required, 620 if available
– Credit reference letter in lieu of credit report
– Purchase/Rate and Term Loan amounts from $100K up to $2.5M
– Cash out up to $2.0M
– LTV/CLTV to 65%
– 15 and 30 Year Fixed, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs
– DTI up to 50%
– Conforming, high balance and jumbo loans for borrowers who own multiple financed properties
– STandard Fannie Mae full income and asset documentation required
– Condominiums allowed – FNMA eligible
– Interest Only available on ARM Loans*
– No payment shock requirement
– Accept Visa Waiver Program where applicable

* All states (including DC) are eligible except DE, ME, MA, OH, RI, WY. Interest Only Restriction – No I/O in Illinois.

Option 2 – Asset Qualification
– For borrowers with unique situations
– Use Liquid Assets to Qualify
– LTV/CLTV to 65%
– FICO not required, 620 if available
– Credit reference letter in lieu of credit report
– Loan amounts up to $2.5M
– Minimum loan amount $100K
– 15 and 30 year fixed, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs
– Maximum cash out $2.0M
– Employment and income are not required to be disclosed on the 1003 loan application
– Full asset documentation is required for both funds to close and reserves
– Assets can be cash in the bank, stocks, bonds or mutual funds
– Asset levels in the verified accounts are expected to be consistent and sustained over the most recent (12) month period
– No Payment Shock requirement
– Accept Visa Waiver Program where applicable

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Foreign National Loans
At First Liberty Funding Corporation, we work with clients, both local and international, with all types of financial backgrounds who seek financing for homes and real estate investment property. Foreign National loans are just one of these solutions. Our mortgage professionals can review and approve foreign national clients who want great terms without the need for US Citizenship.

Contact First Liberty Funding Corporation if you are interested in purchasing a home or property in San Diego, CA, or surrounding Southern California areas.