Conventional Home Loans

Welcome To First Liberty Funding Corporation!

Our team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality home loans combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates available in all of California. Whether you are first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, purchasing an investment property, or consolidating debt, our highly experienced team of mortgage brokers can help make this an easy transaction for you that you will be completely satisfied with each and every time.

A 30 year fixed rate mortgage is one of the most popular loan types where borrowers are able to lock into a low rate. Keep in mind that with a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate does not change for the term of the loan; the monthly payment is always the same. Typically, the shorter the loan period, for example our 10 and 15 fixed terms, the more attractive the interest rate will be.

First Liberty Funding Corporation specializes in finding you solutions above and beyond the usual recommendation you can obtain at a bank or other mortgage companies.  If you have a difficult situation that needs time, work, effort and ingenuity, well you have come to the right place!  Our team combines their mortgage and finance knowledge with their extensive knowledge of real estate and real estate investments to provide you with an array of specialized solutions that you can benefit from.  We will leave no stone unturned in order to provide you with your mortgage needs.

  • 10, 15, and 30 year fixed terms
  • Wide range of loan options
  • California Mortgage Broker
  • No SSN required
  • No credit check conducted
  • Your information is kept private
  • No Hassle
  • Free Consultation with no Obligation