Cash Out Refinance

Traditional (Soft Money) and Hard Money Cash Out Loans

At First Liberty funding we have options when it comes to cash out refinance loans. We are able to offer traditional cash out loans in addition to hard money loans. All refinance loans are available on primary homes and investment residential properties. In some cases we are able to provide such loans on investments properties as well.

A traditional Cash Out Loan
(COL) is also known as a Soft Money Loan. This type of loan is perfect for those who have equity in their homes and are able to take some money out in order to pay off other high interest loans, credit cards, or in order make improvements to their existing home. A traditional COL will allow you to take advantage of the lowest rates possible based on traditional criteria such as credit and loan to value ratios. At First Liberty Funding we are able to tap into our vast portfolio of lenders in order to obtain the best rate and term available for your specific needs. Traditional COL rates are typically lower than Hard Money Loans (HML) but they are subject to approval based on requirements set by government agencies. These loans usually take up to 30 days to obtain.

Hard Money Cash Out Refinance in addition to being a good option for the same reasons as a traditional COL, they are a great option for investors in Real Estate who want to take money out of an existing property so that they can purchase an investment property somewhere else. Often times hard money cash out loans are a quicker and easier means of raising funds. Having cash in hand to purchase an investment property is key when it comes to obtaining the best deal possible, and hard money loans are a good option for this purpose. Hard Money loans at First Liberty Funding are generally consistent with interest rates of other hard money loan providers. Even though the rate of a Hard Money Loan is typically higher than a Traditional Loan, A hard money cash out refinance loan on can be approved and funded in as few as 3-5 days depending on your specific criteria.

Cash Out Refinance on Investment Property
Traditional Cash Out Loans and Hard Money refinance loans are available for various investment property types including residential rental property and commercial property. Real estate investors refinance investment property and rental property for multiple reasons including pulling out equity to invest in a new opportunity, refinancing to a lower interest rate, or paying off an existing loan that will soon become due.

Refinancing a property in California is an easy process that requires a 1003 application for
consideration. Apply here
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