Do you know if you qualify for a hard money loan?


What are the requirements to receive a hard money loan? If you are looking to get approved for a hard money loan, your credit isn’t the most important factor. Instead, lenders are more interested in the property that you will be using as collateral. Based on your equity on the property that will be used […]

Do you know which property types are available for Hard Money Loans?

Real Estate

Learn Which Property Types Are Available For Hard Money Loans Not everyone will fund a hard money loan on any property type, many lenders will specialize on a few specific property types. Hard money loans are available for most property types: Residential (Single Family or Multi-Family Home) Commercial Retail Industrial Land Many hard money lenders […]

When Should You Get a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loan

Should you use a hard money loan for your real estate transaction? When traditional banks are reluctant to lend or provide financing, hard money loans are a great alternative. Therefore, depending on your situation, you may want to consider doing a hard money loan if you are doing one of the following: If you are […]